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180 cm - 5' 11"
Dark Brown
Caucasian (white)
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Home Body
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Sports Nut
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Single / Never married
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Not sure
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Work at home
Education / Academic Research
Less than $24,999
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Only on holidays
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I'll tell you later
In my own words:
Hi Everyone, <br/><br/>I just moved to Hangzhou from Canada. I am looking to see what this city has to offer. I heard so much great stuff about it and I am super excited to be here in China. I love it so far. I do not know much of the city though. I would love to explore and figure things out. I want to go to West Lake and some culture spots. Try all the different types of food. Plus what ever else there is to do here. <br/><br/>Some of my hobbies include cooking. I enjoy cooking dinners for myself and other people. I think it is very fun to cook for other people. I cook meat side dishes and salads. I do enjoy going out to restaurants and trying new types of food in China. <br/>I like to play sports. I like to do yoga and go to the gym. I also like to run. I enjoy movies and music. I don't know what it is like here in Hangzhou. I also like to play dice games, board games, and card games. I like to travel and see new stuff. I do enjoy going out to eat for a fun experience. I would like to learn Chinese. I like to shop and go to malls and buy random things. I tend to read sometimes and try to learn new things everyday. I love to skate on ice, I hear there is a mall with a skating rink. I would love to check that out. <br/><br/>My goals and aspirations are quite simple. Find a nice paying job and travel a bunch. I am more into finding out what the rest of the world is like not just Canada. I want to learn Chinese and the learn how to play the violin. I also want to learn how to make Chinese food. I want to have a happy life with no regrets. Only think about the future, <br/><br/>I am a funny and caring person. I am very respectful and polite. I am not like most guys who are mean and not caring. I like to make people laugh and happy. I am generous and thoughtful. I like to do things for other people. I think it is hard to write about myself. People like me and like to be around me. They know when I am upset or mad because when I am not myself people will notice since I am not the normal guy they all like. I have a good memory. Some people say I am too nice and such. I try my hardest for everything and always want to learn more about myself and other people. I like to keep good memories. There is so much more I can say but, you might have to find out for yourself.<br/><br/>I like music a lot. I usually have it on when I have a chance. I like techno, dance music and trance. I m not sure if China plays this music but I do enjoy it. I like fast music that's electric dance music. I know all the top djs of the world and I listen to them everyday on their podcast from I tunes. I am good with any type of music though. I don't mind Chinese music, I find to to be quite relaxing. I like North American music since I grew up to it. I also like classical music since it is so relaxing and calm. In the end I love all types of music.
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