About MoiAngelChic.com

Online dating sites have become the most popular place to meet new friends.

Why do men and women from all walks of life search for friendship and love on the internet ?  There are many reasons for this, and one of them is the ease which anyone can get acquainted with a person from the other side of the world or even the girl living next door.   In real life, so many demands leave little time  to search for our soul mate , our lover but now with online dating we can search at any time of the day or night from the security of our own home and have success in choosing the right person, from thousands of people with like minds and passions.

In the world of internet dating there are 2 types of Date sites.  The first is a social dating network where anyone can join and chat.  The members are self governed and are people who might live next door or in the next city.  The 2nd is an International Date site where security of the members is a high priority.   These members are available on our site and generally come from registered marriage agencies in their respective countries which MoiAngelChic have developed a working relationship with.   These ladies will profiles are checked for authenticity and they must provide identification

Here at MoiAngelChic we have 2 types of members.   Our management have decided to incorporate the best of both worlds in one online date shop.   We have an open line membership where both men and women can join from the comfort of their living room and a computer.  These members will not be verified and there is always the opportunity that these members can be fake and scammers.    We are working on incorporating a method of authentication for these members.

The 2nd type of member is a lady or gentleman who have joined through a marriage agency.  You will always see a Verified Member badge under their profile photo.  You will have the confidence  in knowing that you are chatting with the lady whose profile is on the site.  

We will be working closely with Government organizations  to ensure that our members are genuine and we do not allow the unlawful use of our site for such things as porn or child exploitation.  Our anti fraud department will be working hard to ensure there is no unlawful use of this site .  We suspend all suspicious users without recompense and notify all members of untrustworthy profiles.    We encourage our members to notify us if they find such activity happening.

Our membership is free to join however to use the many services we offer we must charge a fee.   This fee covers such things as translation of letters for the ladies who have minimum use of English.

Our interactive video chat is a valuable tool we encourage everyone to use as this will make your online communication pleasant and memorable.  We feel this is important as real life interaction can be very different from the person you perceive your friend to be through photos and letter communication.

Our ladies wish for long term friendship resulting in marriage.  We at MoiAngelChic trust you will always honor and hold sacred this relationship and love and it is our desire to help all our members find their companion for life.